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Below I have provided research links for the common conditions that I treat in clinic. However, my main focus is treating "unhappiness" which is always associated with negative states of being such as anxiety, depression, fear, negative behaviour, over-thinking, addiction or bad habits. Through our sessions, we work together discovering new paths to a more peaceful and lighter state of being. Just imagine sitting comfortably and feeling relaxed, at ease, contented and so full of life's potential.

I treat in my Hypnotherapy practice...

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Nick began his healthcare career over 22 years ago in Brisbane, Australia, where he gained a Bachelor of Health Science degree from ACNM, followed by a Masters degree and a Diploma of Hypnotherapy in London, UK. Nick stands out amongst Clinical Hypnotherapists as he also holds registration as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner with AHPRA. His many years of clinical practice provides him with a deep understanding of authentic wellness, that's good physical health, good mental health and good spiritual health, and this takes him well beyond being solely a Clinical Hypnotherapist.


In his private practice south of Adelaide, Nick employs a wide range of techniques with a focus on positivity. These include Ericksonian and traditional Hypnotherapy approaches, as well as age regression, parts therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming. Positive reinforcement underpins Nick's methodology. He also educates clients in self-hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, and positive self-development strategies to support long-term progress. In addition, Hypnotherapy recordings are available via his website for home practice between sessions. (Coming soon)


Nick conducts therapy sessions in a pleasant, upbeat and friendly manner and always encourages positive language, builds clients' self-esteem and optimism and unlimits their potential. Individuals always leave his sessions feeling empowered, motivated and excited about implementing new and beneficial changes to their lives. Above all, Nick says, his patients really love the 'regaining control of their lives' part... all via the skills of an expert Hypnotherapist.

Nick Malyon Hypnotherapist and Acupuncturist

"Nick is wonderful! Two sessions with Nick and my deep rooted, life long fear of water has almost totally gone. As someone who could barely even dip a toe in the ocean before, to someone who now goes snorkelling regularly and is currently enjoying surf lessons"

"To me, Nick is like a rock: very grounded; very trustworthy & reliable; a very safe pair of hands: all qualities I really love in a therapist"

How does hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnosis is a simple and harmless process, pleasant and merely a natural state of mind which you potentially enter quite normally and naturally several times a day but you call it a trance, or a daydream or zoning out.


In a hypnotherapy session, the treatment involves being inducted into a trance state, an easy relaxing process where you'll feel calm yet alert and, contrary to popular myth, remain aware of everything around you. You'll be focussed on the task at hand, totally in control, and quite able to bring yourself out at any time... except you'll soon realise how hypnosis led by an expert is such a positive, life-affirming, growing, healing environment that you'll choose to relax and enjoy the process of feeling good.


The subconscious mind is a data bank for everything. It stores your beliefs, your previous experiences, your memories, skills, everything that you have seen, done, or thought. This does not mean you will reveal any secrets you don't want known; that won't happen. Remember, you are in control during a hypnosis session and you'll not share or do anything which you don't want shared.


But access to the subconscious opens infinite possibilities for you. Anything unpleasant which has hindered your development, negative thoughts, negative ideas, careless and hurtful remarks of teachers or parents which may have been planted deep within, you soon discover that you can bypass or make benign or turn around. Any habitual negativity, which serves no purpose but to hold you back, you can change. Plus, positive characteristics can be encouraged and developed; confidence, courage, strength, resilience, self-belief, self-love, wisdom, peace, positivity and serenity... and even the strengthening of your immune system. Hypnotic suggestion can significantly improve your immune system. 

Your subconscious mind is limitless therefore so too is hypnotherapy to develop you into being the healthiest, happiest best possible version of you.   More about hypnotherapy >>

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