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Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective for tinnitus sufferers though research suggests the effectiveness is better if there is no significant hearing loss present.

Efficacy of self-hypnosis for tinnitus relief
J Attias 1, Z Shemesh, C Shoham, A Shahar, H Sohmer 

Scand Audiol. 1990;19(4):245-9
The efficacy of self-hypnosis (SH) on tinnitus relief was compared with two control procedures: 1) presentation of a brief auditory stimulus (BAS) to the ear with tinnitus; 2) waiting list (WL), i.e. patients receiving no formal treatment. The results have shown that 73% of SH subjects reported disappearance of tinnitus during treatment sessions, as compared with only 24% in the BAS group. Moreover, the short-term (1 week) and long-term (2 months) symptom profiles of only SH subjects revealed a significant improvement. Thus, SH may well be a beneficial method for the relief of tinnitus.


Harasymczuk, Maria. (Nov 2000). Hypnosis as an Adjunct to Tinnitus Retraining Therapy in the Treatment of Persistent Tinnitus. Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis, Vol 28(2), 169-175. Presents the case of the successful treatment of persistent tinnitus in a female (aged 60 yrs) using hypnosis as an adjunct to tinnitus retraining therapy. The hypnotic interventions utilized over 2 sessions included: ego-strengthening, symbol of peace, ideomotor signalling, positive suggestions regarding the S’s hearing mechanism, and self-hypnosis. These interventions resulted in a reduction of the S’s tinnitus awareness from 20% to 5% of the time and a significant reduction in severity ratings.


Mason, Jules; Rogerson, David. (Apr 1995). Client-Centered Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus: Who Is Likely to Benefit? American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Vol 37(4), 294-299. Examined criteria for using client-centered hypnotherapy in 41 outpatients suffering from tinnitus (aged 26–80 yrs). Treatment outcome was measured at 1 wk and at 3 mo after completing 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. 68% of Ss showed some benefit for their tinnitus 3 mo after completing their hypnosis, and 32% showed no evidence of improvement. Of the group that did not benefit, 46% had a hearing loss of 30 dbs or more in their better-hearing ear compared with less than 15% in the beneficial group. Ss who found their tinnitus very disabling and those who had a seemingly trivial problem were equally likely to benefit from hypnotherapy, though Ss with significant hearing loss were less likely to benefit.

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